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setup manual:
You need
• SQL 2005 or 2008
• IIS 6 or IIS 7
• Username has access to TFS 2010
The solution contains two projects:
1-WorkItemGrabber this is console application to grab, update and cache work item changes in external SQL server database.
Steps to configure it:
a) Attach the database "TFSWorkItemRSS" and configure your SQL login user with read/write and execute privilege on this database.
b) edit WorkItemGrabber.exe.config:
(1) tfsURL:tfs server UTL something like:
(2) tfsUserName:with user name has access to tfs
(3) tfsPassword:password for this user
(4) tfsUserDomain:domain name for this user
(5) default connection string

c) Configure the exe as schedule task to run every 5 minutes and do not worry as I get only the update work item since from 12 AM.
This is the RSS web application
Steps to configure it:
d) Edit Web.config:
(1) tfsWorkItemURL: this will be the news URL and at the same time the tfs workitem edit page like:
(2) default connection string
(3) UpdateSubordinate:true if you want to update Subordinate from active directory.
(4) ADURL:active directory URL.
(5) ADUserName:active directory username.
(6) ADUserPassword:active directory password for username in (5).
e) IIS configuration:
(1) you can configure it to run with windows authentication then the URL will be:
(2) or anonymous authentication and end user have to provide his username as a parameter:
(3) There is sub folder called protected:
you can configure this path as windows authentication to generate URL for each user like (e-2)

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